150629 My lo review picM. Louis is a native Oregonian, and is currently a resident of Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  He’s married, has three children and one grand-dog. For many years, M. has owned a successful public accounting firm.

His adventures into writing began when a friend suggested he start tweeting for his clients.  Convinced he could gain more followers by using fiction, he began to tweet the original concept for what would become his first crime-thriller series.  Gripped and captivated by the plot within days, he decided to delve deeper and began developing in-depth character profiles, fleshed out a captivating plot, and came up with intriguing timelines. What had started out as a few ideas for tweets, turned into a full-fledged, action-packed crime-thriller series which takes place on the rain-soaked streets of Portland.

His first book in this series, Angel’s Devil, is currently available on Amazon and you can get a digital copy for free from his website.  Book 2 of the Jake Brand PI series will be released in mid-October 2015.

He can be contacted through his publicist, Hallie Clark atinfo@mlouisbooks.com.

Twitter handle:  @Jake_Brand_PI


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