Your commute is about to become WAY more FUN!

Your commute / workout / dog walking / cooking / boring job is about to become WAY more FUN!

Secondhand Smoke (Jake Brand PI 2) is now available as an audiobook!   Over 7 hours of danger, twists, turns and  smart alec repartee are now available to vastly improve some of the more hum drum parts of your life.  (Ok, well some people actually like working out but even so, a rollicking good story with thrills, laughs and a touch of romance is going to level up a workout from “like” to “love” right?)

Secondhand Smoke by M. Louis, narrated by Colin Iago McCarthy
Audible / Amazon / iTunes

Set on the espresso stained streets of Portland, a simple missing person case is just the beginning of a trail of danger & intrigue.

In the midst of peril, Private Detective Jake Brand still finds time to annoy his yoga instructor, and fall for the woman with more secrets than answers.
“…endlessly entertaining in any situation, especially the perilous kind.” -Kirkus 




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Audiobook of Angel’s Devil Out Now!

We are SUPER THRILLED to announce that Jake Brand book 1, Angel’s Devil is now available in audiobook format.  Our narrator is none other than the stupendous voice actor, Colin Iago McCarthy who you might have heard in the book trailer for book 2, Secondhand Smoke.

Get it on    or    Amazon      or     iTunes

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Review: Girl in the River

Girl in the River
Girl in the River by Patricia Kullberg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Girl in the River by Patricia Kullberg is a well written book about Portland, Oregon from the late thirties into the fifties. A young Mae Rose’s mom dies from a botched abortion at the end of the depression. Having no family to help her, she moves from rural Oregon to Portland. Bad luck and dire economic times force her to make hard choices to survive.

Well written, the book provides an interesting description of Portland and some of its residents, as Mae works to not only survive but thrive.

5 stars!

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Support Indie Book Stores

The Jake Brand PI series is now available from 2 more Portland Bookstores! Shop local! Support Independent Book Stores!

MLouis_FortBuildingTeam Jake Brand had a meeting and decided that author M. Louis had far too many copies of his latest book, Secondhand Smoke in the office.  Since we weren’t able to stop him from building forts and generally goofing around with them, we called some local book stores and they were all too happy to put them on the shelves for sale.  We are pleased to report that paperback copies of Secondhand Smoke and Jake Brand book one, Angel’s Devil are now available at Annie Bloom’s Books as well as Broadway Books.

We know he’ll just order another couple of boxes of books and start playing Jenga with them, so PLEASE help us out and go buy copies from these fine local stores so we can re-fresh their stock soon.

These books also make great gifts for the holidays. (hint hint)

Yours truly,
Team Jake Brand

Annie Bloom’s Books
7834 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

Broadway Books
1714 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232