Smart Alec Detective Saves Woman from Boring Workout


Below is a message we received from a reader in Portland, Maine.

Dear Jake –

Once again my new year’s resolution is to up my fitness game and walk on my treadmill for an hour a day.  Yes, a whole hour – go big or go home I say.  I even got a jump on things and started the day after Christmas.  I’d forgotten just how totally boring a treadmill is, so I did some research and found this post about how audiobooks help get the best of your workouts.  Searching for exciting audiobooks (I get bored easily) I downloaded Angel’s Devil from Audible and gave it a try.  It was just what I was looking for!  Before I knew it I’d done 90 minutes of walking and just to get to the end of the chapter.  I actually looked forward to the next days workout to find out what happened next.  

Happily I found you had a second audiobook and am in the middle of that.  Really, why are you always tangling with your yoga instructor?  You have crimes to solve!  But anyway I wanted to say thanks for making my workout fun and keeping me on point.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I finish book 2 but I’m glad I found you and look forward to book three!

Janet Loomis, a new fan

Jake Brand PI on Audible   |  iTunes  |  Amazon



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