Review: Looking For Rachel Wallace

Looking For Rachel Wallace
Looking For Rachel Wallace by Robert B. Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is easily my favorite Spenser book so far. Spenser feels more rounded and approachable then some of his other stories. In Looking for Rachel Wallace, Spenser is hired to act as a body guard for Rachel. Rachel is a very vocal feminist speaker and writer and regularly puts herself in harm’s way to advance her cause. Spenser, being a guy, struggles to stand idly by while protesters treat Rachel with disrespect. He acts in the way he knows best, with his fists. This male ego driven answer to conflict angers Rachel, who promptly fires Spenser. Shortly after having been fired, Rachel disappears and Spenser feels duty bound to find her and return her to safety.

The dichotomy of the story is that Spenser’s ego creates problems for Rachel, causing her to fire him. But the same drive causes him to feel guilty about having acted out initially and putting Rachel in danger. He will do anything to find her. And if he doesn’t return her to safety, he will regret his actions forever.

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