Review: Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes
Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King is a very entertaining detective thriller novel. No sci fi aliens or goblins, the plot is driven by a simple twisted human bent on hurting and killing as many people as he possibly can. Ramped up to kill dozens, the villain finds pleasure in pushing emotionally troubled targets to kill themselves.

One of his personal targets is a retired detective who, while still a cop, investigated the villains first known crime where he crashed a mercedes into a crowd of people, killing and injuring dozens and somehow escaping.

Retired detective Bill Hodges takes Mr. Mercedes action personally and decided to pursue him inspite of laws clearly prohibiting him from doing so.

The story keeps the reader engaged to the end. The characters are crisp and unique. The plot and story are strong, though a few of the clues seem a bit concocted.

I highly recommend, four stars.

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