What’s harder than writing a book?


How are big important decisions made at Team Jake Brand HQ? Rock, paper, scissors naturally.

After losing a 2 out of 3 match with Hallie, Team Jake Brand member Julienne was tasked with cajoling author M. Louis into writing more blog posts.  To make it a little less tortuous for him, she started with an interview style piece. Below are the hilarious results.

Team Jake Brand:  What’s harder than writing a book?

M. Louis:  Writing a blog. Ugh.

Team Jake Brand:  Quit whining. I’m just trying to help, so let’s start at the beginning. Why did you start writing?  Had you always wanted to write?  Are you one of those people who always felt he had a book in him?  Are you in fact, a masochist?

M. Louis:  I started writing as a result of the occurrence of several events at the same time. First, I was trying to tweet for my day job….and hated it. Second, I read two books by two best selling authors that were so flawed that I spent more time critiquing then intriguing. Third, I was interested in a new intellectual challenge, and writing is nothing if not intellectually challenging. In fact here’s the recipe; blank paper, pen poised, no name for the book, no plot, no protagonist, antagonist, location, conflict, and best of all no clue about how to write a book.  But I made up for it by having bad grammatical skills. What the hell, it was kismet!

Team Jake Brand:  Yeah, your grammar does kinda suck, but you hired some great editors so no one but us will know.  Oh oops – sorry I guess the cat is out of the bag now huh?

M Louis:  Yeah well, moving on… I did write stuff occasionally; technical papers for my work as a tax geek, Christmas letters bragging on my fake family (the truth was just too average or brag-a-docious), and filthy dirty birthday limericks for friends (lots of fun, but not shareable).  Also my friends and family didn’t give me grief over my poor grammatical skills.

I never thought there was a book in me, but I’m a passionate reader. Reading has taught me everything I don’t know about writing. Seriously, read, read, read.

Team Jake Brand:  Well, I must say you do read quite a lot. Kudos for posting your book reviews.  Think we can get you to post some real blogs?  This having to trap you in your office and forcing you to answer questions could seriously become a drag for good ole Team Jake Brand.

M. Louis:  Ok, ok.  Masochist is my middle name.  Hmmmm, I think I’ll share some of me, mixed in with some fiction, and throw it out there for complete strangers to critique or praise.


Team Jake Brand:  Good on you M! I’ll tell Hallie to put away the thumbscrews.

M. Louis is the author of the Jake Brand PI series.  Sign up and get a free copy of book 1, Angel’s Devil rated 4.6 stars on Amazon.   Secondhand Smoke (Book 2) is now available. It’s free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers / 2.99 for ebook.



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