Review: Disclaimer

Disclaimer by Renée Knight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We all have secrets. Some of them are bad memories of traumatic experiences. Experiences that we might try for years to forget. What if someone with knowledge of your past began to slowly disclose one of these traumatic events that you’ve desperately tried to forget and hoped to never surface. First they let you know that they know. Then they begin to spread details to your family and friends. That’s what happens in Disclaimer, a psychologic thriller, set in the minds of its characters.

The vast majority of the book is comprised of the thoughts of the characters. They begin to weave their own versions of what they think happened. They begin to react and judge based upon what they believe to be true. The characters try to understand why the event happened, or why they didn’t know about it sooner. They go through various emotional stages as bits and pieces of the truth float to the surface. All of it culminating in a satisfying finale.

Well written, the book is truly suspenseful. I felt there were a few times when the thoughts of a character went on a bit too long. But otherwise, it was very entertaining and well worth a read.

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