Book 1 for Free! (who doesn’t love free?)

angelscover_webIn honor of the upcoming publication of book 2 of the Jake Brand PI series – Secondhand Smoke I’m giving away digital copies of Angel’s Devil (Book 1).  You might be thinking – Why free? Does this book suck?  Is it really free?

Why free?  I want to get you hooked on this crime / thriller series that has been called “…intriguing and entertaining,” by Foreward reviews. The first one’s always free right?   But be warned these books have been known to make you laugh, have you staying up reading later than you planned and wanting to grab a drink with the characters.

Does this book suck? No.  Most emphatically NO!  It’s been rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon and that’s not just reviews from my friends and family; these are people who coughed up good money for their reading experience and then said nice things about it:
“From page to page, I never knew what would happen next – just what a reader wants. Jake’s personal devil and angel each gave him advice on the run, but Jake had to make the final decisions. Highly entertaining.”  ~Sarah H 

Is it really free?  Yes – you just need to subscribe to my email updates.  I promise not to spam you, send loads of stupid emails or do anything with your email address besides send you the occasional update on Jake Brand books and events.  Scouts honor.

So go get your free copy of Angel’s Devil – if you don’t love it, I’ll give you your money back. 😉


M. Louis


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