Every journey begins with a first step.  I began writing two years ago and published my first book last week.  It’s called Angel’s Devil and is a fictional detective mystery/romance novella set in Portland, Oregon.  The main character is Jake Brand.  Jake is former special forces and currently operates a private detective business.  Much of the book is about Jake coming to grips with the end of one relationship, and the rekindling of an old one.

I started writing so that I could one day say that I had written a novel.  I had no expectations of anyone else reading it or ever selling it.  Angel’s Devil is actually the second Jake Brand book I’ve written, but the first I’ve published.  It’s a shorter book, a novella technically.  The first as yet unpublished first book is a full novel.  As I was finishing up the first book, I decided to write the second shorter version of Jake Brand to drum up interest.  So the first book published is the second book written.

As of today, 14 copies of Angel’s Devil have sold.  It’s only available on Amazon as an ebook, but should be available as a paperback in the next week or so.

There were a lot people who have helped with this book, including early readers (Naomi, Paige and Dr. Ray), my editor Kristin Thiel (she’s amazing), my production guru Vinnie Kinsella, and my technical wiz Marie.  Thanks to all of you.


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